UAV Search and Rescue – After a storm or a tornado there can be an immense amount of damage. With our Search and Rescue UAV System you can assess the damage and look for survivors quickly and effectively.

UAV Fire Fighting – Our goal is to aid firefighters. Wild fires and Forrest fires can be very hard to contain. Without having an eye in the sky, many times the right approach might be missed. With our Fire Rescue UAV System we have put the technology on board to help the firefighters see where the fire is headed, what is nearby that might be in danger, and areas firefighters might need to focus on first.

UAV Police Surveillance – Police Officer safety is our concern and uav surveillance can be a vital part of keeping Police Officers safe. With our specially equipped Police UAV System, Police Officers can follow a fugitive or assess a building where a hostage is at by getting a view of the entire perimeter and exit points without having to put Police Officers in harms way.

Science behind Supero UAVs: The physics of flying – more controversial than you might think. But keep in mind that the first bicycle was invented fifty years before manned flight, and we still don’t completely understand the physics of bicycling. This section is in three parts: general physics of flying; current Coanda Effect applications; and the work of the Internal Wing Aircraft company, or IWA… us, in other words.

Supero Test Results: Build. Test. Refine. Repeat. Supero shows you the results from wind-tunnel testing, and comments from aerodynamicists.