Fire Rescue UAV

  • Fire Fighting UAV with both Infrared and Standard Video Cameras
  • Point and Click controls, no need to be a pilot
  • Full DVR controls, playback and review recorded video
  • Deploys in minutes, quickly increasing situational awareness

Supero’s goal is to aid firefighters. Wild fires and Forrest fires can be very hard to contain. Without having an eye in the sky, many times the right approach might be missed. The Supero Fire Rescue UAV System has technology on board to help the firefighters see where the fire is headed, what is nearby that might be in danger, and areas firefighters might need to focus on first.


Fire UAV

Supero Firefighting UAVs have the following:

  • Short takeoff and landing capabilities
  • Advantages over other Fire Fighting UAV designs
  • Increased range, increased payload
  • Decreased fuel requirements
  • Rugged airframe design
  • Superior stability even in high wind conditions

Known for providing… Military Features without the Military Cost™

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