UAV and UAS news

KFOR.COM: “Unmanned aircraft revealed at Tornado Summit” (March 11, 2013). [One of the coolest exhibits at the National Tornado Summit is a company called Supero.]

NewsOK: “Drones could launch more jobs in Oklahoma” (January 17, 2013). [Initial mention of the potential use of UAVs is for search and rescue, natural disasters, and fires.]

San Francisco Chronicle: “Report shows Okla. poised for aerospace job growth” (January 16, 2013) [An article on Governor Fallin’s speech on the UAV industry, citing details from a recent study commissioned by AUVSI. Governor Fallin: “UAS represents one of the fastest growing segments of the aerospace industry.” Secretary of Technology Stephen McKeever cites agriculture, oil and gas production, and weather research as “prime targets”, but says that public safety agencies will be first adopters.]

NewsOK: “Oklahoma poised to gain from unmanned aircraft systems” (January 16, 2013) [Op-ed piece by Michale Toscano, President and CEO of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), in support of Governor Fallin’s initiatives. Mentions UAV use in agriculture and the oil and gas industry, in particular..]

NewsOK: “Wary eyes shift to the skies as unmanned aircraft are tested in state” (January 2013) [One of the interesting things about this article was what was not mentioned: the use of UAVs in fire-fighting. While privacy is an obvious concern when it comes to UAV use in general, if your house is on fire or there are lives in danger, the priority is lives. Then property. Then other stuff.]

AUVSI: “New Legislative Sessions Bring More UAS Privacy Bills Around the Country” (January 2013) The proposed bills are “aimed at curbing law enforcement’s use of UAS to only situations where a search warrant has been secured beforehand.” Again – not affecting life or death situations.

Pentagon Announces $248M UAV Contract” (January 2013) “…for a family of small [UAV systems, with associated] gimbaled payloads, and associated products and services.”

Japan Times: “Secom tests eye in the sky crime drone” (December 2012) [Security UAVs triggered by security alarms; interesting concept.]

FAA: “Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)” (December 2012); “FAA Makes Progress with UAS Integration” (May 2012)

AOL Defense: “Oklahoma Releases Strategic Plan For State UAV Industry” (July 2012)

NPR: “Four Reasons Oklahoma Could be the Detroit of Drone Development” (March 2012)

Oklahoma Wants to Reserve Airspace For Drones” (July 2011)